Haize Oihalak

  • 1. Urazalean
  • 2. Gudu Zelaia
  • 3. Sahatsaren loa
  • 4. Xuban
  • 5. Itsas Aldetik
  • 6. Ilunabarra
  • 7. Udazkeneko Oihala
  • 8. Hiru Otso Maldan Gora
  • 9. Tximeletaren Hegaldia
  • 10. Abuztuko Oihala
  • 11. Adiskide bati
  • 12. Gartxot
  • 13. Abenduko Haizea
  • 14. Ortzimugan
Haize Oihalak

Haize Ohialak is his very first album. In this perfect work involving composition, fitting and interpretation, Pello Ramirez puts it together for his finest musical finesse by playing the golden strings of the piano, cello and acordion with great success: fourteen free pieces embraced by the wind.

Both Juantxo Zeberio and Alberto Aranburu\'s collaboration at some piano interpretations, besides of the created artistic production, have allowed the straightest way to record the album. The sound,lastly, is both clear and peaceful, as fragile as it is vivid and incredibly colourful.